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CNA CO., Ltd

CAN Co., Ltd is a provider of innovative smartphone cradles. The product provides free wireless charging for customers in offline stores like cafeterias and beauty shops. Simultaneously, it shows menus and advertisements on the customers’ smartphones and customers can make secure orders. In addition, at airports and tourist attractions, it can recognize the basis language of each smartphone and thereby provides contents in that particular language.

History of CNA


2015.10    C-STAR Pitching Audition weekly Winner | Daegu Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (CCEI)
2016.01    Startup Academy Camp Participation Award by KISED
2016.09    Won the Participation Award of Suwon Startup Idea Audition 2016
2016.11     3D Hackerthon competition grand prize (Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development)
2016.11    Award Certificate by GBSA
2017.02    Actual start-up education excellenece award (Ministry of Science and ICT)
2017.03    Creative Economy Investment Parade Excellence Award on Simulated Investment
2017.10    Technology Innovation Entrepreneurship Contest (Encouragement Prize)
2018.11    China Daily innovation award,  “Most promising start-up Award” received
2021.02.   CJ Live City Open Innovation Award
2022 05    Selected as an excellent product at the 2022 Seoul Awards
2023.02.   Grand Prize of Best Practice Contest of New Business Academy (Minister of Venture Business Award)


2016.12    Participated in 2016 Creative Economy Venture Startup
2017.05    Participated in World IT Show 2017
2017.09    Participated in GMV 2017 (Global Mobile Vision)
2017.10    Participated in GMV 2018 (Global Mobile Vision)
                 Participated in Hong-Kong launch pad(Global Source)
2018.10    Participated in China Shenzhen International Gift Fair
                 Participated in Hong-Kong launch pad(Global Source)
2019.01    Participated in CES2019 Eureka park (Las Vegas, USA)
2019.02    Participated in 4YFN, MWC. (Barcelona, Spain)
2019.10    Participated in Hong-Kong launch pad(Global Source)
                 Participated in Asia Electronics Exhibition in Shanhai(AEES)
                 Participated in Hotel Show 2019
                 Participated in G-FAIR KOREA (Good Merchandise  Fair Korea))
2020.01    Participated in CES 2020 (Las Vegas, USA)
2022.10    Participated in CEATEC 2022 (Makuhari, JAPAN)
2023.10    Participated in CEATEC 2023 (Makuhari, JAPAN)


2016.02    Completed InnoCampus – Accelerating Course | Industrial-Academic Cooperation Group, Daegu University

2016.04    Completed G-Startup Project (2016.04.14~10.13)
2016.06    Completed Rechallenge Package Program
                  Founded CNA Co.,Ltd.
2016.09    Selected as Recommended Idea of Creative Economy Town
2016.10    Chosen as Challenge Platform Business (2016.11~2017.04)
                  Patent MOU with Palmcloud Co.,LTD.
2016.11     Participated in Demoday in Silicon Valley
2016.12     MOU sign up and technology share with Farmcloud Co.,Ltd.
                  Selected for Loan Business for Applied Information Technology by IITP
                  Venture Business Authorization
                  Increase in capital (50,000$)
2017.01     Selected for K-ICT Devicelab productivization support project
————– –K-ICT Startup Mentoring 8th
2017.05     Selected for G-venture level-up investment support project
———— —Start-up Growth Technology Development Project
————- –Selected for Marketing Supporting Business by KISED
2017.08    2017 Born Global Excelerating support project
2017.10    Selected for Export success support project
————– Selected for overseas branch support project(Tokyo)
2017.12    Obtaine Laboratory Accreditation
2018.01    Obtain ISO 9001 certification
2018.03    Complete Recruit Accelerating Education(Japan)
2018.05    X-CAN Model obtain KC certification
2018.06    Wadiz cloud-funding succeed (63,000 $)
———— —Apply for  patent in China
———— —IP R & D Strategy Support Project (CNA Patent Analysis)
2018.07    KSM registred(KRX Startup Market)
2018.09    X-CAN Model obtain CE certification
———— —X-CAN Model obtain FCC/CE  certification
———— —Apply for patent in Japan & USA
———— —Selected as a venture start-up innovation procurement product
2018.11    MOU with A-Company, Japan(500M$)
2019.02    Completion of development  of high-speed charging cradle
2019.05    Completion of development  of high-speed charging vehicle cradle
———— —Selection of a souvenir for the inauguration of the Minister of Small and Medium Business

2019.07    Selection of customizing overseas marketing support project

2019.08    Selection of Gyeonggi-do Design Development support project
                 Particpated in Shandong Investment Promotion Consultaion
2019.09    Selection of Private Investment Linkage Support Projects
2019.10    Wadiz cloud-funding Start
2019.11    Wadiz cloud-funding Success
2020.05    Wadiz Crowdfunding Reward 23 Million Won Success
2020.10    Successful Kickstarter crowdfunding of $100,000
2021.11    Makuwake Crowdfunding Success (21,100$)

Certification & Patent

Certification & Patent of the CNA.