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Fast wireless charging
Navigation auto-run

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Reliable and tough image design

From the moment you get on board,
your driving life will be easier and safer!

Meet an XCAN that considers driver‘s convenience.
All navigation apps can be set up to run automatically.Enjoy convenience
and stability in your driving life with the intelligent wireless charging stand XCAN,
such as the automatic opening and closing of both sides' fixed clips.


XCAN Core Capabilities

Navigation is automatically executed!

Put your smartphone on the intelligent wireless charger XCAN.
This simple action automatically launches the navigation
and provides high-speed wireless charging.

When the engine is switched off
(meaning disconnecting electrical sources),
something amazing happens.
The two-sided fixed clips open automatically.

Intelligent wireless charger XCAN offers a lot of convenience.
When you turn off the engine(meaning disconnecting electrical sources),
both side's fixed clips are automatically opened,
allowing the smartphone to be picked up without further action.

  • FOD Sensor Mounted

    Minimize operational errors by only recognizing digital signals!

    With FOD sensors that recognize digital signals, both slide wings are automatically fixed when the smartphone is placed and malfunctioning in response to other movements, dark situations, or foreign substances is minimized.

  • Simple operation with one touch

    Manipulate the opening and closing of both fixed clips with a light touch!

    You can open and close the clips with a light touch, making it easy to use without any inconvenience in repeatedly attaching and removing the smartphone.

  • Low noise motor mounted

    Supplies comfort by inhibiting machine noise!

    With industrial stepping motors, it suppresses noise to provide driver comfort.

  • Cooling fan mounted

    Reduced heat with cooling fan!

    In order to reduce the heat of the high-speed wireless charger that can be used for a long time as much as possible, the cooling fan is mounted to increase the stability.

  • Firm gripping force

    Holds the phone steady despite rough driving.

    The smartphone is firmly fixed with clips and supports, so it can be used safely even in rough driving.