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CNA Co., Ltd is a provider of innovative smartphone cradles. The product provides free wireless charging for customers in offline stores like cafeterias and beauty shops.

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Wireless charging switch based on NFC.
LBS matching based on tags.
Patent to prevent imaginary orders.
Automatic Multilanguage recognition.

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This cradle can be used in retail stores, cafes, restaurants.
It provides order menus, direct ordering system, and payment system right on your table.
All of this is possible without installing any app.

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Wireless charge switching using NFC sensing

Block power dissipation and secure a platform to serve customers

Automatic multilanguage recognition

Identify smartphone language setting and provide menus and contents in that language without the need to install apps

LBS matching based on tags

separate counter and table orders

Patent to prevent imaginary orders

Block service replication and imaginary orders

Leading to increased turnover

Provide order menus, direct order function and payment from your table, without the need to install any apps

Specific promotion

Secure a station to run various customer-specific promotions

• The No.1 Pain Point in using a smartphone is a charging problem when moving
→ Need for charging platform
• There can be long waiting line in a café or a restaurant
→ Need to solve customer inconvenience
• Ordering process should be improved for customers at PC café while they play PC games or watch mobile VOD

• Increased market share of wireless chargeable smartphones
• Increasing foreign tourists: over 16 million (MCST 2016)

• Market Domination: strong need for wireless charging in stores
→ Effective market domination is necessary in advance
• Rewards and success that come through the solution of the market needs